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Social Media Listening and Monitoring Basics #smbf

I am actually on the panel for this session so I am not live blogging, here is the reference sites I mentioned and promised to post.

Here is the bookmark listing we made during the session for monitoring sites and tools.

One of the top questions asked during the session, where I sat patiently with Wayne Sutton and Jeremy Smith, was how to calculate ROI for all the efforts they put forth in social media. I think we covered it quite well without sticking ourselves in the eye.

My opinion is there is no real way to calculate overall ROI.  Could you find return for specific areas in an effort?  Sure, from hits to links to actual physical purchases or visits to your establishment mentioning that code.  But to place a direct amount on the entire movement and action plan into your social medias placement and branding is not a definite figure.

Goodbye Domino (for this blog)

It was time for TheSocialNetworker to move from Lotus Domino and onto WordPress for functionality, features, plug-ins and a slew of other items. While the archives will still be available forever, based on Domino, the main blog itself needed a new home.
The site will go under some minor UI changes as I get the colors and placements just right, for a much more streamlined interface with more flexibility for me on the administration and posting side.

I gave thought to this for some time before just swapping out years of content and starting from scratch, but I hit some walls with integration and ease of change from an administrators point of view.  Yes, many of the awesome Lotus developers can make sweeping changes, even bringing WordPress templates into the Domino blog database, but you are left with a shell from that point on.

I also decided on the Headway theme.  Full drag and drop placement, draggable resizing and incredible theme control.  If you decide to grab it, tell them I sent you for sure.

Look for a bunch of posts queued up on the recent Social Media Business Forum as well as some other topics on my mind.  Also, do not forget this is the beginning of a monthly newsletter (visit the homepage to sign up) with more in depth commentary and some surprises along the way.