Making Google Dashboard better

Last week I discussed the launch of Google Dashboard and some of the expectations I had and what it turned out to be.  As I sat back and listened to some other podcasts and read articles that covered it also, I noticed there was something simple Google could have done to take the experience further.

Google could have allowed you to quickly and easily build an iGoogle dashboard out of the components that were listed.  The user could have selected which components to add and then used the existing drag-and-drop capability to organize the features.

So what makes this important?  It drives you to utilize Google more as a daily dashboard keeping you inside their product set.  Every company that makes any type of dashboard application wants you to stay within their interface boundaries.

Developers are constantly writing these in different ways, but we always find ourselves going back to Google for services, search and more.  Why not capitalize on our drive to use the products by giving us one-click dashboards based on how we already use your service?