How Twitter got lists wrong – issue #3

Finding an authority for the lists I want to follow seems to be a huge effort.  Of course, you always go back to those you already follow, as you consider them authorities in some way already.  So you browse the lists they have created, but the remainder out there are ignored.  I talked briefly about this on Episode 23 of TheSocialGeeks and wanted to go more in depth.

Say I am looking for a list on the top social media people/companies to follow.  Where would you turn?  How would you begin your search?  I would start with a trusted social media person themselves to see what lists they created.  Then I would start following that list.  Done.  However, the person that created the list is not on the list since they cannot add themselves.  A break in the whole idea.  Here is one more example.  I follow the PR person that has been tweeting at company A for a long time with great content.  To allow themselves to show in a list for their company, they create a new account that will make a list to include everyone that tweets from the company, including themselves.  But how does everyone find that list from some unknown, or not yet followed, Twitter id?  Listorious?  No, a great sit but not the source the average user would find.

Need another example?  Wayne Sutton said it best.  He created a list for all the speakers at the SocialMediaBusinessForum using the SMBF Twitter account, that he also tweets under.  So we can follow the speakers but not the SMBF id itself on the list now.  Got it?

So the only true way to create a complete list, and have it found, it for the trusted authorities in the Twitterverse all create the lists that would never include themselves.  I created a list for the Atlanta Social Media Club. This means I got their main SMC account and all the officers in a single list and as an officer of the St Louis Club, I might be considered an authority.

UPDATE: I think I found a way!!  After creation of the list itself, you go back to your own profile page in Twitter.  From there the icon to say what lists that account will show in is active.  You can then click down and add yourself to any list!