Book review: “All a Twitter” by Tee Morris

I sat on the review of this excellent book with a long title, All A Twitter: A Personal and Professional Guide to Social Networking with Twitter, for some time.  I happened to meet Tee Morris at BlogWorldExpo this fall and see where the humor and energy in the book came from.  He does an excellent job of guiding the beginner and professional through the phases of Twitter.

His entry chapter What is Twitter (and What It Is Not) lays the groundwork for the reasons most people don’t understand the whats and whys of Twitter and explains them in humor and direct example.  For those that still don’t get it, or those using it and don’t get it, this is for you.

After a couple chapters on establishing an account, setting up your profile and the please do’s and please do not’s, he talks of working beyond the website.  He does have chapters on outside tools, and I shook my head in amazement he left out EverythingTwitter as a great source to find whatever you need.  Yes, I mentioned this to him jokingly in email and he took it in great fun as he must have heard from many people.

Pay special attention to the chapter on The Trouble with Twitter as it does an excellent job of covering the fail whale, issues with some very personal information sharing, signal to noise ratios and dealing with the explosive growth of Twitter and how it affects the technical performance side.

Chapters 10 and 11 cover how to use Twitter for personal and business use respectively and make the most benefit of it no matter how you wish to use it. From communicating with friends and family to promoting products/services, events, conferences, podcasts and more.  In all he covers how Twitter is a tool to be used in so many ways and gives concrete examples of each.

Chapter 12 is an eye opener for most that only hear hype around using Twitter.  Tee talks about the darker side of what goes on and the dymanics of how we are all interconnected.  Who do you follow?  Who do you ignore?  Should you block?  What about spammers? Bots? Incomplete profiles and more.  It is succinct and honest about some of the behind the scenes issues that power users see daily.

Mr Morris leaves with why he is on Twitter and how he uses it in daily work and promotion before an appendix of some terms and more tools.

At ~260 pages, this is a must have for those entering social media with Twitter and makes for a clear and concise read with just enough technical information for any level of user.  Amazon has it for only $14.99 right now and I think that is quite the bargain.  Published by Que.

Disclaimers: This book was sent to read free of charge through some promo people and I was not obligated to say anything good or bad about it.  I actually read the darn thing and enjoyed it, even with how I use Twitter on a daily basis.  After meeting Tee Morris I saw some of the drive and determination he had and it made the remainder of the read even more enjoyable as you can place the author with the book.

I also run and shook him fiercely at BlogWorld when he failed to mention us, the largest review catalog of Twitter tools and add-ons.  Kidding, I never shook him.  He might have tripped, but I am unaware of who did it. 🙂

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