Tungle moves freetime widget out of beta and into public availability

I admit, I am a Tungle fan and a user.  You can see my freetime and schedule meetings previously just at http://tungle.me/IdoNotes    Well today they announced the public availability of their widget that can be placed into blogs, sidebars and other webpages.  This is huge for those that do interviews, meetings, podcasts and more exposing free time options.  I will be finding a place for mine shortly on all my blogs and websites.

For those of you unsure of how Tungle works, you can listen in to my interview of Marc, their CEO from a few weeks ago while at Lotusphere 2010.

The security of what you are doing remains in tact, as they pull your calendar from numerous places, including Lotus Notes.  The person attempting to schedule a meeting simply selects numerous times and you pick the one that you want.  Done.  No more emails back and forth and guessing schedules trying to find some time that works.  This fills that gap in an instant.  Here is how mine will show letting you know I am open or busy right now and to click to schedule a meeting.