Integrate Blackberry Messenger, Facebook and friends with barcode ease

Blackberry has released anapplication for your Facebook profile allowing anyone that can see your page to scan a barcode and attempt to add you on Blackberry Messenger.  You must be running the latest Messenger version ( to even begin.   They even allow you to modify the colors for the 

this is NOT my barcode !!

this is NOT my barcode !!

barcode.  Simply enter your Blackberry pin number and click through the easy 3 steps.  I was able to get it completed including adding it to my profile in about a minute.

I was also able to email my barcode to any address so the person could scan it.  That added some humor as I tested this with another Blackberry user and while they were able to receive it on their Blackberry, of course they could not scan it.  This feature is made to send to someone to pull up on their computer for the quick addition without sending your pin number.

My overall opinion is this is a great way to expand and exploit the usage of Blackberry messenger.  I know many of us in a specific community use it on a daily basis to quickly get in touch with someone over a secure channel with the added ability of pictures, audio and location.  Something SMS will never be able to perform.  With the added level of the communication never leaving the RIM network, and being encrypted as I mentioned, we get peace of mind in sending business related data.  Also be no the lookout for adding groups in messenger with the same barcode.

So if you own a Blackberry, make sure you update to the latest Messenger version and get to sharing barcodes.  There is even some sites allowing you to share pin numbers, but I will review that in another posting.

  • Francisco Vega

    Does anybody knows if there is a way to integrate your BB messenger into a website? any leads on documentation on how to do this?

  • IdoNotes

    I have not seen a way to do it anywhere but inside the BB device itself.

  • sonia cortes rosas

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  • golf

    i just scanned the barcode on display – COOOOL!