Earning trust and permission in social media #sofresh

Jason Falls did a mind invoking presentation on Let’s Talk: The Art of   Conversations and Marketing Through Them at SocialFresh.  A major focus of the presentation is the point of building trust with the community.  Social media monitoring that has you sending tweets and replies on your product without knowing the end recipient overrides trust.  It is hearing a public conversation and interjecting.

The end person does not know nor trust you, but might respond back after they check you out or you give valuable information.  If someone stops you in the street after hearing you talk about a topic and hands you a flyer, do you trust them?  Do you check it out?  How is that different than doing the same in social media?  Trust needs to be established for growth to occur.

Instant trust is normally done via introduction from someone else you trust or a knowing through a community, group. friend or family.  Trust is rarely given just because you see their website or phone number on tv. Learn to illustrate your expertise and not just your products and catalog.  Learn to overshare others content over your content.  It doubles credibility.

Learn that helping others is not always about just helping yourself.  It is about the building of trust that you care about their needs and are willing to truly read their question and find the answer.