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Another Malware Attack Surfaces on Facebook

Reported on Mashable today, a malware attack under the moniker “hilarious video” is appearing on walls on Facebook.

image courtesy: Electron Plumber

image courtesy: Electron Plumber

Once clicked, it prompts you to download and install a video player that contains the malware.

The fear also resides in the fact it does a few steps anyone should immediately take note of:

  • It prompts for your Facebook login information
  • It installs an application not only in Facebook but on your local machine
  • It asks for your home address in the guise of a contest

Anything asking for your home address should be treated as suspect.  This is something to be passed on to kids and co-workers.

If you have already mistakenly clicked on this and installed the application, update your anti-virus software and run both that and anti-malware software to help get rid of it.  Also, try and uninstall the program if it allows you.

Facebook Privacy Tools reviewed

Over on TheSocialNetworker , there is a small series of screencasts showing off some Facebook Privacy checking tools.  With the recent changes Facebook  is providing at a whim, it is worth knowing what information you and your kids are showing to the world.  If you are currently unaware, a quick search would show numerous articles for your reading pleasure dealing in all parts of the comments from Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) and overall commentary from the industry.  Some ones I suggest:

  • Mashable – Facebook and Privacy : It’s Time to Move On
  • Mashable – Facebook’s Changes in Zuckerberg’s Words
  • ReadWriteWeb – Facebook Privacy Briefing
  • or just search for even more…

Be just as careful when loading these tools and applications to make sure they are legitimate.  The screencasts will wlk you through what they do, how they access the data and if they provide a service for you.

TheSocialNetworker Episode 12 – Facebook privacy tool #1

With the recent news of Facebook privacy concerns, holes and changes, some thrid parties have developed tools. In this mini-series I will screencast you through a few tools to help gauge how secure you are in your data on Facebook.

This first tool is from Rabid Gremlin and is simply called Privacy Check.

Another Spiked Studio Production

Book review: Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works

With the recent switch I had of all of my newsletter subscriptions (found in upper right on this blog as well), I wanted to make sure I could give you content that pretty much every mail client could read.  This book was right on time. Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works is by Mathew Patterson. (Disclosure: I received the book as a review copy selection and the link is an Amazon affiliate)

The first thing I realized is that every mail client renders so many parts of HTML email differently.  The book is only ~139 pages, but it hits home fast with tons of free sample code to download.  The author of the book is with a large email distribution platform, so the knowledge was definitely there. The chapters broke down as follows:

  1. Why Email?
  2. Planning an Email Campaign
  3. Design for the Inbox
  4. Coding Your Emails
  5. Understanding Permission
  6. Selling Email To Your Clients

Chapter 6 was for those that provide solutions to businesses and customers.  He did a good job summarizing, but I will skip that part of the review since I read the other chapters twice.

He does an excellent job covering the business case and some basic statistics.  But, more importantly, how people interact via email compared to other mediums.  From the opening chapter he delves into formatting, structure and client support.  I think it was one of the most important areas for anyone to be aware of.  With the listing of numerous tables, it showed how every email client provider lacks support for so many areas of tags, formats and just plain simple HTML.

He gives great visual examples from numerous newsletters, makes block representation of successful examples and then gives away about 30 free templates to start using immediately that will work with any client type (outside of text clients of course).

The chapter on permission and some legal requirements was well needed for anyone getting into HTML mail.  Some would think that HTML email is past it’s time. Web 2.0 is the total future and stop wasting time on just email.  After seeing the power of what it can do on my own the past few months, I am sold.