Book review: the social media marketing book (Dan Zarrella)

I have enjoyed the writing of Dan Zarrella for some time online, so I was pleased to see he put together a book (and I was offered to review it).  His insight and commentary are always clean and to the point for any level of person in social media to learn from.

I was surprised to see the compact look and feel of The Social Media Marketing Book when it arrived.  It was also outside the normal form from O’Reilly books normal look and feel.  It was longer and wider than the usual arrival.  Strangely, it was fitting for Dan. At a mere 225 pages of actual content, you would guess that there would not be enough tips and tricks that you could learn from.  A huge mistake.  Each of the 11 chapters runs through the same format as much as possible:

  • Introduction
  • History
  • Takeaway Tips

The rest of the sections depend on the topic itself for that chapter.  He walks through each major area of social networking, from blogging, media, microblogging, bookmarking, news and more.  Each one was in such a readable format I actually spent an evening devouring the entire book.  Screenshots of sites and examples are laid out appropriately for each major section.

ROI and metrics are the Holy Grail of what social media experts try to sell you.  Dan leaves this towards the end and hits you over the head with it.  Are you converting visitors?  Are you tracking what catches their eye when following links or visiting?  How do you read all of these metric sites?  He ends the section with goal setting and software to choose from.

While nothing in the book itself was profound, it was a refresher for the seasoned veteran and a nugget finder for the entry to mid-level person. If you want to get your hands on this book, you can follow my Amazon affiliate links in the review.

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