Twones closes it doors

Twones was (until today) a way to find music being bookmarked all over the web.   In an email to users, it announced it is shutting it’s doors.  In a nutshell is allowed you to mark and find music from the web and even scrobble it to if you chose.  I hardly used the service, as I was ingrained in and iTunes already.  Their announcement was more of a merger:

We are sorry to notify you that Twones is closing from 9 July 2010.

The engineering team, founders and technology are now a part of ( which will launch in a few

I can imagine the ability to find music in so many places on the web today pretty much means the demise of many of these type of start-ups.  Can one really survive and make a living with the large scale music systems like iTunes blazing a path to devices?  Streaming free music content is always a choice, but even independent artists are making a living with sites like Magnatune.

I think one thing missing, even as Twones added sharing to Twitter, Facebook and more, was the ability to have your friends installing a toolbar into their browser and also sharing every song they find with you.  Not to mention proper tagging of the music itself.

Toolbars are often looked upon as evil or privacy issues sending who knows what data to the web.  I am in no way saying Twones did this, just the opinion of many people is that toolbars used to be spyware or hook into ad type networks.

I hope the new venture for the people behind Twones takes off called