I can’t fit anymore badges, now Twitter badges arrive

Foursquare, Gowalla, the Boy Scouts of America, and now Twitter has badges (through Twadges).  Can this get any more ridiculous?

  • Does anyone care if I was in a swarm, visited Mount Rushmore or can administer CPR?
  • Do we have to get jackets or sashes that we attach these digital badges to?
  • Do you visit the pages of your friends to see what badges they have, or do you use some client just to see where they check in and have no clue what they earned?
  • Can I get free services, coupons or discounts for having specific badges?  This isn’t mayorship, just an icon.

I begin to feel we reached a peak in the desire to achieve such things and are looking for true value in the services we are using.  Badges inherently were built for kids as a sign of learning and have now turned into a game with no winner.  Each time you get close to having all of the possible badges, new ones are announced.  The game never ends.

It becomes like a RPG that adds levels every time someone conquers all there is.  I have a badge for all of the sites giving out badges.  But it wouldn’t be appropriate.