GroupMe – group SMS and conference calling free

When I first saw GroupMe I was curious what they offered that most every recent mobile phone does already.  GroupMe allows a user to create groups of contacts to send a SMS to plus another surprise I found below.  Looking at my existing phone, it says Add to group in each person record and then I can SMS the group.  Then I read more to see why this was a big deal…

GroupMe creates a hone number for you and then allows conference calling.  SMS commands are built in to see users in the list, add and remove users, even muting particular users in a group.

I was curious how long a group would be active and it seems forever.  Once you register your cell phone number and create groups, they are there waiting.  The About and FAQ pages do a good basic job so for while this is in alpha.

As a fun test, I said why not use Google Voice to sign up so if I ever change my phone or number, I am all set.  Well it promptly asked if that was even a real phone number.  I am not sure how they handle you changing numbers, since that was not included and I imagined this was a way around it and a way to hook to VOIP type services as well.

I hope to revisit the site again as they grow and see more about the service.  I am not sure how I will integrate it into a daily routine at this time, but more testing might reveal that.