Ping me here, there and … wait, Apple branded Ping?

We use the term ping almost daily with friends.  Ping me on Twitter, Skype, instant messaging services and more.  Apple today threw a nice uppercut by starting their social music network embedded in iTunes and calling it Ping.  Sure there was Ping.FM that allowed you to broadcast your status to multiple social services, just not many people knew about them.

Steve Jobs announces Ping
Thanks to ReadWriteWeb for the image source and announcement review

But, everyone is learning Apple and by taking ownership of the word Ping, they take ownership of a niche in social networking.  Numerous sites have tried building a form of social networking around music sharing to limited spread and results.  Apple is able to enable everyone, as in 160 million users in 23 countries, at once that uses iTunes software to encourage participation and capture information on your sharing.

This in turn gives them better marketing potential towards you and increases the likely result in you buying from Genius or a recommendation.  Now your music, TV, applications and more may be shared publicly or with select groups of friends.  If you pay particular attention to a friend’s music stream, Apple can pick up on that and start pushing you to buy the same music.  Watch a show a friend recommends, soon you get ads about renting an episode.

So how much of your personal music tastes, choices of applications and shows watched will you share?  Are you using other services already to do this and will you change?

  • Darren

    Ping already meant something else before people started misusing it.

  • IdoNotes

    It most definitely did but that would show our age now wouldn't it?