Can the BlackPad move BlackBerry (RIM) to the forefront?

Anticipation awaits for an announcement of the BlackPad from the Research In Motion (RIM) developer conference taking place next week.  The question looms if it can be a smashing success?

BlackPad image from BlackBerryRocks

BlackPad image from BlackBerryRocks

My first honest answer to this is a solid NO.  I personally have not had hands-on time yet, so this is all from thought and analysis of the market trends I see daily.  While some business executives may dabble with this, and the promise of tight enterprise integration already exists for BlackBerry, the consumer edge of a mature application market leaves RIM in the shadows.

I can see the smaller footprint size being a draw, reported at 7 inches.  As well as the data network RIM has carefully built over the years.  But the fun stops there.  I would not see this as a replacement or even companion to existing BlackBerry users.  The operating system for the current devices cannot be conducive to a tablet type interface.  I have been an avid fan, user and evangelist of BlackBerry devices of all types for years.

I just can’t yet get a grasp how a consumer would want or use this or an enterprise need it.  Yet.

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