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VIOlight UV Cell Phone Sanitizer hands-on review and unboxing

The UV Cell Phone Sanitizer is a new device from VIOlight to clean up to 99.9% of the germs found on your electronic gadgets. 

Basically anything you can fit into the cleaner will be blasted with UV light for a few minutes of UV light cleaning power.  Here is the video walk through of the un-boxing and usage.

One distinct thing to note is that this is killing the unseen germs, not making your device shiny.  I suggest using some form of cleaner to get off all the normal stuff, smudges and smears from your devices and then tossing it in.  There is an included basket to hang your earbuds, stash your bluetooth headsets and more.  A graphical sizer sits on the outside of the box.  I was easily able to place my HTC Evo (including Siedio case) into the cleaner.

I know you sit and wonder if it really did it’s job?  Someone in the office noticed the ozone odor on their Blackberry after using it.  I am guessing that it is doing it’s job! Do not forget, it takes 3 AA batteries to operate.  We have not needed to change batteries after at least thirty uses of the device so far.

You can also watch the review in full HD at my YouTube channel

Disclosure: The device was sent as an evaluation unit with no guarantee of what type of review would be given.  The links to the product are Amazon affiliate.  The video is all mine 🙂

UnSocial – get to know who you don’t know

UnSocial launched in beta to a select city, San Francisco.  I would tend to say overly selective since the complaints have begun in the Android Marketplace when I looked to install the application.  Many users stated they had no notice of the limited support until after the application installed.

UnSocial, available on iPhone and Android take the alternate approach in trying to connect you with who you should know in your current proximity.  The very alternate approach to other social networks connecting you to who you already know.

The application authenticated you via your LinkedIn account.  It then draws information from there to populate their profile for you.  Tags are especially important according to the website.  it helps find others around those tags in the geographic area.

More device support, including Blackberry (heavy business users) and Windows Mobile are under development.  It seems they built this fast if you peek at their About page, showing development to launch was seven months.

I asked myself, where I see this company monetizing.  Ad support based on your location and business was the first thing to cross my mind.  UnSocial has an alternate idea in the works.

Unsocial is a powerful event application that not only allows attendees to connect with the people they need, and the people who need them, but also offers crucial information such as Agendas, Speaker Bios, Event layouts & Maps, Event Surveys and Raffles.

If your looking for additional revenue for your event at no costs, contact the unsocial event sponsorship team for sponsorship advertising space in your app.

There are not many conference applications focused on meeting new people.  Most are based on finding those you know and information about the event itself.

I am looking forward to testing this out when they expand locations and cities.

Skype and Facebook – there goes separating business and personal (and LinkedIn?)

Facebook choosing Skype as the VOIP provider just caused a forced blend of your personal and business contacts.  I primarily use Skype for business needs and keep Facebook for personal.  In order to use the blended service effectively, I would need to add personal users to Skype and business users to Facebook.  I imagine this will happen through Facebook Connect for authentication.

I imagine Skype has seen a bump in registration (Buzz Study article) and business when the announcement unfolded.  If Skype unleashes Facebook Connect as an account creation and authentication mechanism, they look to double their user base.  At the same providing Facebook access to highly desires business connection data.  Imagine a system that shares contacts of over 1 billion people.

LinkedIn currently owns the business network connectivity and being able to create a social graph of business connections would open new doors for Facebook in advertising and revenue.  While Facebook does ask your employment, it is not a focus and limits building networks around enterprises.  LinkedIn would need to roll out a large set of features themselves to keep the focus on them as the business connectivity network.  Would a move to Google Voice be the right choice for them?

What will you do?  Start adding people to Skype?  Add people to Facebook?  Or let the system do it for you and cross pollinate your personal and business connections?