UnSocial – get to know who you don’t know

UnSocial launched in beta to a select city, San Francisco.  I would tend to say overly selective since the complaints have begun in the Android Marketplace when I looked to install the application.  Many users stated they had no notice of the limited support until after the application installed.

UnSocial, available on iPhone and Android take the alternate approach in trying to connect you with who you should know in your current proximity.  The very alternate approach to other social networks connecting you to who you already know.

The application authenticated you via your LinkedIn account.  It then draws information from there to populate their profile for you.  Tags are especially important according to the website.  it helps find others around those tags in the geographic area.

More device support, including Blackberry (heavy business users) and Windows Mobile are under development.  It seems they built this fast if you peek at their About page, showing development to launch was seven months.

I asked myself, where I see this company monetizing.  Ad support based on your location and business was the first thing to cross my mind.  UnSocial has an alternate idea in the works.

Unsocial is a powerful event application that not only allows attendees to connect with the people they need, and the people who need them, but also offers crucial information such as Agendas, Speaker Bios, Event layouts & Maps, Event Surveys and Raffles.

If your looking for additional revenue for your event at no costs, contact the unsocial event sponsorship team for sponsorship advertising space in your app.

There are not many conference applications focused on meeting new people.  Most are based on finding those you know and information about the event itself.

I am looking forward to testing this out when they expand locations and cities.