Will third party Twitter clients remove Sponsored Tweets?

With Twitter launching sponsored tweets into the stream, will the developers of

Courtesy of: Business Insider

clients such as Tweetdeck, Seesmic, Mixero and more write code to remove these from paid versions of the apps to make themselves money?  All while satisfying users of Twitter at the same time?

Third party client developers are already under fire (see previous posting on the ecosystem) with Twitter now running their own clients across mobile platforms, with the web as the preferred desktop interface.  Even with Twitter as a free product, are the consumers and users of it prepared for advertising in what was once a clean stream of information?

I know I tolerate some ads with Ubertwitter on the Blackberry for all of the advanced functionality.  I could buy a paid version to remove the ads, but they are far and few between.  But with Twitter now inputting their own, will I want to see a percentage of the stream in that format?  My guess is no and I will invest a few dollars.  I only hope that when I pay to have the ads removed from those products they can filter Twitter sponsored tweets as well.  Or will that invalidate some license agreement?