Tungle goes Pro and adds Personalization

Tungle, my go to web based scheduling client, has added new features under the Pro banner for a monthly/yearly fee.  For $4.99 a month or $49.99 year you get the following options to what is already an amazing free product:

  • Set your favorite locations for meetings (phone line, coffee shop, whatever and ten maximum)
  • Logo and color branding for site
  • Logo branding for invitations, confirmations and updates

Tungle Personalization

I have been using Tungle and even had the chance to sit with Marc, the founder, in an IdoNotes podcast when they entered into the Lotus software arena.   It now hooks into all the main calendaring systems, including Google, Lotus, Microsoft, Apple and even LotusLive.

I quickly uploaded a logo for the free 30 days trail.  Up to a 2MB image is allowed and then you are presented with a small customization window for colors.  Not a large amount of choices, but the idea is to keep it simple and brand your page as well as your notifications.

If you want to schedule a meeting with me, always use my Tungle page.  If you need your own account, get one today.  There is no better way to share freetime openings without exposing your calendar.  Did I mention all the mobile clients they offer for free as well?