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Book Review: Facebook Marketing (Second Edition) by Justin R Levy

The maze that corporations, and even individuals, maneuver through in Facebook is daunting when it comes to marketing strategy and implementation.  Justin R. Levy makes it seem so simple in his second edition of Facebook Marketing: Designing Your Next Marketing Campaign.  This is through the published Que, and is available on Amazon as well.

I worked through the pages quickly, even folding corners on pages I really found value in.  I was shocked to see the number of them I flagged when I had completed the book.  It made me realize this book of less than 200 pages answered many questions I personally had about how best to market across Facebook.

The author starts the book with a quick 5 page summary on social network growth and then a required 25 pages for anyone new to Facebook.  I know it seems strange, but there is those that have never been in Facebook yet.  So this snapshot is always important.  The author even suggests you skip that chapter is you know it already.

Chapter 3 begins the knowledge transfer of building a corporate presence and deciding between pages and groups.  Throughout the book he does a great job of explaining why one would be better in certain circumstances over the other.  Promotion of the page is key in any company advertising and he makes a quick case for ways to build a following through grass roots.

Interestingly, he also jumped into Facebook Connect in Chapter 4, which you do not see many corporate sites using.  I know his main focus was on the sharing aspect but he also addressed single sign on.  Chapter 5 focused on advertising and the best ways to invest to build your presence in Facebook.  The strategy talk continued in Chapter 8-10.

He crammed Chapter 7 on Privacy in the middle.  I personally would have liked at the end for flow of the marketing piece.  In saying that, privacy and account management is key when promoting company information.  He explains the need for individual account, with more than one person having the ability to administrate the group or page for the company marketing.

Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone looking into Facebook marketing.  Whether you are an individual through giant corporation.

Disclosure: Que publishing sent me this book for review with no guarantee of what I would write.  Facebook Marketing (Second Edition) by Justin Levy definitely goes into my Amazon Store of recommendations for the book category.  Yes, all the book links are Amazon affiliate.