Cisco enters social mining with SocialMiner 8.5

Major vendors of sfotware and services are now trying to tap into what smaller software developers have been doing for a couple years.  They are bargaining they can earn some revenue from enterprises trying to filter, respond to and grasp this giant social media web.  Cisco recently launch version 8.5 of SocialMiner.

Cisco® SocialMiner is a social media customer care solution that enables your company to proactively respond to customers and prospects communicating through public social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook or other public forum or blogging sites. By providing social media monitoring, queuing, and workflow to organize customer posts on social media networks and deliver them to your customer care team, your company can respond to customers in real time through the same social network they are using to communicate

It is a good play when larger companies invest heavily one a select number of vendors.  Offering a wider array of services, like Cisco is doing here, gives them leverage into installing and hooking into existing enterprise deployments at a rapid rate.  If you already run the call center servers, phone systems, VOIP and even network hardware from Cisco, then extending it with hooks into the social networks makes more sense then staff installing and managing an entirely new set that may not integrate at all.

IBM has done the same with their Customer Experience push and the upcoming Project Northstar (see my Part 1 and Part 2 launch coverage).  Aggregation, metering and deriving value from communication is a key driver in this world of scream out your concerns for many to read.  BOth require you to purchase more of their hardware and services, but that would be exptected.

Cisco is launching light with support for RSS and only Twitter and Facebook.  Mining into the social datra goes much further.  I trhink the investment in any of these enterprise solutions needs to be weighed heavily against the costs and capabilities of the free or smaller company deceloped products until more meaningful interactions can be derived.