TheSocialNetworker UI update stage #1 complete

I sat over the holiday weekend upgrading WordPress and Headway for TheSocialNetworker.  It is my theme of choice for any WordPress site I run now.  While I am an admin at heart, this makes it drop dead easy to change a UI into anything I want.

Everything on the screen in design mode is drag and drop.  Resizing, adding features, functions and more.  I so wish my Lotus Domino based blog had this function as well.  If you have not seen Headway theme and run WordPress, take a look and let me know if you have questions.  It is much like Squarespace for those running their own WordPress.  Global changes and more are a click away.  The whole thing can be done behind the scenes before launching so no one sees the changes until you are ready in their safe mode.  Amazing stuff.

So stage #1 included the following and how:

  • Highlight the screencasts.  I simply added a HTML leaf and embedded the code.  I drug the edge for sizing and saved.  Done.
  • Show the featured posts prominently.  I added a featured posts leaf and set the number to rotate through.  Set to fluid height and to use the excerpt. Done.
  • Change the sidebar.  Partially done.  I am playing with the order and will move the Archive links to the Archive page shortly.

Stage 2 will redo the banner and small advertisements I run to support the site.  It will also finish the social integration points.  I kept the coloring easy and simple in stage 1.  Separated the sections better and hopefully made getting to content faster.

Look for a change to the SpikedStudio page as well very shortly as the new SpikedStudio channel has launched on YouTube to bring all the content into one place and another presence.  TheSocialNetworker and IdoNotes is there.  NotesIn9 makes it’s appearance soon too.