Book Review: Google Analytics by Justin Cutroni

If you have any need to use Google Analytics this is the source book for you.
The depth Google Analytics: Understanding Visitor Behavior is able to go in under 200 pages is amazing.  I soon realized I had no clue of the capabilities of the free tool since the update to version 2.0 in 2007.

The author, Justin Cutroni, is one of a few Google Analytics Certified Partners and it showed.  When I begin bookmarking pages in books, I know I found valuable content.  This book opened my eyes into ways to utilize and manage my analytics settings and reports.

The book starts with a brief outline of web analytics in general, to give you a base understanding of what to measure.  It then moves into building a plan before implementation and how Google Analytics actually work.  Profiles, filters, conversions and marketing campaigns are all discussed in detail before you even get into advanced tracking.  Enterprise implementation concerns, CRM integration and appendices of tools round out the book.

I did want to mention one common thing found throughout the book.  The code tracking examples make the book worth way more that what you pay.  I found immediate value implementing some changes in profiles and the way I implemented tracking codes across my sites.

Accounts, profiles and building campaigns all blend into excellent reporting, included targeted sectioning of portions of your corporate sites.

I have been back through two chapters twice making changes and tweaking settings.  This in itself designates that it will show in my recommended books in m site Amazon Store link.