When running a conference tweet aggregator, protect your stream

You see numerous conferences running Twitter aggregators to capture all of the traffic and chatter.  I strongly agree with this idea of having it shown and utilized.  However, it is important to also protect your Twitter stream from being hijacked.

This was a nice one I captured

I went ahead and grabbed one of the nicer ones.  Filtering is a key component.  You could set it to only approved people and remove the worries.  Making it easy to hold someone accountable and remove them.  This might eliminate someone from participating.

You could have a protected and filtered stream with someone watching a public stream and moving tweets in.  Some Twitter services do this.  We have profiled them on EverythingTwitter.

Either way, if you are investing in an upcoming event and wish to utilize Twitter to collect and show off the chatter, look into strong filtering.

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    I always have a hard time scrolling down a tweet aggregator, and then on top of that, you experience things like that. Is there a search function on lists and events? Like a special feature that lets you read the most important posts down to the non essential ones?

  • IdoNotes

    There is some tools to search types of lists and then you can create your own custom filters. I use a bunch of tools we have reviewed on http://EverythingTwitter.com to do better searches and management.

    The aggregator did have some issues with scrolling