Book Review: Reflections on Management by Watts Humphrey

Even with this being a book written mainly about principals of software development management through Team and Personal Software Process (TSP and PSP),

Reflections on Management, is an excellent read for anytime managing time. The book is only around 200 pages filled with insight, stories and techniques from the years of  being a manager and executive at IBM.

Many of the stories that Watts Humphrey tells are situations we have all been in regarding time management on projects. As the manager with unreal expectations, to the developer being told how long they will take to write code.  No matter how big the project. I was able to laugh a few times and see myself sitting in those meetings as I was told how long migrations, upgrades and more would take by someone that had just made up a timeline hours before.

Reflections on Management covers eight chapters broken into four distinct sections.  Managing your project, managing your team, managing your boss and managing yourself.  If you are a boss, you learn how to better handle projects and your teams.  As in individual it is all of value.

I read this book slowly over the last month taking a few notes as I went along.  The end result was a better timeline of how to plan and manage.  Better timekeeping and also a stronger layout and timeline for the amount content I produce across my blogs and podcasts/webcasts.  Some things will and are being cut.  Others are moving into new directions that allows me to streamline process and have a structure of when things are published.

To all of my ISV friends, get a copy.  Project managers should have read this already in preparing for their job.  Administrators can relate some story to every scenario he presents.  You will gain back more time after reading the book in better planning.