Monthly Archives: January 2011

Clean up your bookmarklets for 2012

I love all of the social tools I have gathered over the years, but found that I do not Digg bookmarklet use may of them, including their bookmarkletsSome closed, some got bought out, some changed business models, some sites just vanished, a few changed into freemium and didn’t offer what I need to make me pay and others just sucked and never grew into my daily routine.

As I added a couple new ones and was adding their bookmarklets that look promising, I took the time to go through and clean up those old ones. I never noticed how many you simply drag into the bookmarklet bar and then they get moved over as time goes on.  I verified each one quickly to make sure I did not have data there, or that it was gone now anyway.

Which bookmarklets do you use? Which offer a service that makes you come back in 2012?  Do you even use them?