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IBM Social Business Jam concludes. What was the benefit to you?

IBM hosted a Social Business Jam the past 72 hours.  You can still log in to view the contents, but posting has now been disabled. I logged in to see the
overall impact, content and to get a feel for the benefit to me.  Here are some quick stats I pulled:

  • Total number of posts = 2666
  • Total number of logins = 5893 (duplicates included)
  • 5 main theme areas (Building the Social Business of the Future, Using Social to Understand and Engage with Customers, Identifying Risks and Establishing Governance, Building Particpatory Organizations through Social Adoption, What Social Means for IT)
  • Main ideas per category were 150, 100, ~45, 100, 35 respectively
  • Stakeholders of the Jam represented a total of 33 posts.  Yes, 33
  • Luis Suarez of IBM, social evangelist, alone posted 149
  • I made one main topic and answered not nearly enough.  Jumping around was tough.

So what did I notice next?  This Social Business Jam forum will be closed shut down at the end of February.  You have two weeks to read, digest, make notes and (well you can’t share native) information posted.  Closed was the wrong word as it might mean no more updates.  They have stated it will be taken offline.

Thank you for participating in the Social Business Jam. You now have the opportunity to read all of the comments contributed by your fellow jammers (sorry, you can no longer reply to posts) through the end of February

Here is thoughts as I went through the postings:

  • I have no good way to sort and export the data.
  • There is tons of good content posted in a stream of thought
  • The tag cloud relies heavily on what was selected already.  I cannot make my own
  • When using the tag cloud I cant tell if it was a main topic or reply
  • I did read some excellent commentary and ideas
  • How will IBM use this data?

There is great ideas, responses and ideas found all over the jam itself.  Bringing everyone in makes perfect sense.  What becomes of the data is what interests me.  Will products be created from it?  Will authors be contacted to further their thoughts and tune them?  How do we benefit from giving this type of intellectual knowledge to IBM?

I love the ideas of these types of crowd knowledge efforts.  I just want the end data goals laid out for me in advance.  I hope they take many of the ideas in here to expand the jams they have even further.

Foursquare Ambassador program – does your company have one?

Foursquare has launched/expanded a new program for some of the more active and influential users on the network called Foursquare Ambassadors.  The result is they send you a stack of pre-printed business cards (shown below) with your custom URL and information about businesses and joining Foursquare.

Foursquare Ambassador

The goal is to make using the service more valuable through a grassroots effort to target businesses.   When the business signs up they can claim their location to begin seeing statistical information about the check-ins at their location.  Want to see the peak time of day people check in, it is there.  Read more about it and if you are still not a Foursquare member, sign up right here, right now.


So this brings the question of how your company expands your offerings?  Do you build a social program to get grass roots effort involved in expanding your business?  Are you visible on the web as well as through word of mouth?  Do you garner support from other companies trying to use your services?  These are steps that help drive the ecosystem.

Have you developed a program that excites the community to evangelize your products?  Are there rewards? Praise for the investment of time and energy?  These all become part of the plan to mobilize a local group to reach out.  I sat back at Lotusphere 2011 last week as they introduced Social Business.  I now wait to see how they get me excited about evangelism.

Foursquare at Lotusphere, a success in my book #ls11

Working together with Foursquare, Ben L of Genii Software and Tim Davis of Turtle Partnership, I changed the IdoCheckin service over to Foursquare after years of  Brightkite.  Well even if one person checked in at any point I would be overly happy.  The influx from the mobile applications developed by Tim and the database utself by Ben helped a ton.  The rest was word of mouth and your help in something we started years ago as a community.

After crunching the numbers of all the new locations and the delta change between the main venues, we basically broke ~2500 total check ins.  I did not include the restaurants like ESPN and the Big River Grill due to so many other tourists.  Instead I focused on all the brand new venues that were created and the ones I didn’t map and you took upon yourself to do.

Many of you checked into the main venue of Lotusphere 2011, by far leading the pack.  The bars, rooms, dining hall and more were all over the map.  As expected, the smaller meeting rooms got less.  We could have easily had some of the upper swarm badges, but we needed everyone to start checking in.  Word of mouth with the college students alone would have sealed the deal.

So thanks to everyone.  I learned some important lessons along the way once again and keep streamlining the process, ability and locations.  Send along any and all comments, tips or ideas so I can plan early.

So the question remains and I was constantly asked, why Foursquare?  Let me summarize the choice to use them for this event.  They offered a multitude of client support across devices.  I had a team making other products that wanted to integrate.  I was granted some stronger levels of power by Foursquare to edit, merge, create, delete and more.  It made making them all so simple.  I knew pictures were coming.  Granularity was easier.  I believed in checking into a room rather than a session itself.  You could always shout the session name and title.  Integration with numerous other applications, like Foodspotting, was there.

The list goes on.  I just wanted to share a huge thanks and let everyone know what a success it was.  Stay connected if you want.  It is purely optional and it will be back for the fourth year at Lotusphere 2012.