Foursquare at Lotusphere, a success in my book #ls11

Working together with Foursquare, Ben L of Genii Software and Tim Davis of Turtle Partnership, I changed the IdoCheckin service over to Foursquare after years of  Brightkite.  Well even if one person checked in at any point I would be overly happy.  The influx from the mobile applications developed by Tim and the database utself by Ben helped a ton.  The rest was word of mouth and your help in something we started years ago as a community.

After crunching the numbers of all the new locations and the delta change between the main venues, we basically broke ~2500 total check ins.  I did not include the restaurants like ESPN and the Big River Grill due to so many other tourists.  Instead I focused on all the brand new venues that were created and the ones I didn’t map and you took upon yourself to do.

Many of you checked into the main venue of Lotusphere 2011, by far leading the pack.  The bars, rooms, dining hall and more were all over the map.  As expected, the smaller meeting rooms got less.  We could have easily had some of the upper swarm badges, but we needed everyone to start checking in.  Word of mouth with the college students alone would have sealed the deal.

So thanks to everyone.  I learned some important lessons along the way once again and keep streamlining the process, ability and locations.  Send along any and all comments, tips or ideas so I can plan early.

So the question remains and I was constantly asked, why Foursquare?  Let me summarize the choice to use them for this event.  They offered a multitude of client support across devices.  I had a team making other products that wanted to integrate.  I was granted some stronger levels of power by Foursquare to edit, merge, create, delete and more.  It made making them all so simple.  I knew pictures were coming.  Granularity was easier.  I believed in checking into a room rather than a session itself.  You could always shout the session name and title.  Integration with numerous other applications, like Foodspotting, was there.

The list goes on.  I just wanted to share a huge thanks and let everyone know what a success it was.  Stay connected if you want.  It is purely optional and it will be back for the fourth year at Lotusphere 2012.