Disco from Google is “Battle Los Angeles” in group chat

I am relating the launch of the group messaging app Disco from Google with Battle Los Angeles for two reasons.  Disco launched the same weekend I saw the movie and Google made a maneuver much like I saw in the movie.

While this comes directly from a company that Google purchased, Slide, they only made the first release available on iOS devices.  Most would not even notice the lack of Android due to the way it is being marketed.  A brilliant move by Google in my opinion.

In the movie Battle Los Angeles a first wave is deployed to being colonization by direct ground force attack.  Google made this move by getting Disco into the AppStore and approved long before the second, stronger wave, comes along.

The second and stronger wave for Disco, is Google building Disco directly into the Android operating systems that get distributed by the carriers as the group messaging solution.  This compares to the thought in the movie where there was no air capabilities by the invading forces. They suddenly appear and are stronger than anticipated. By getting a ground force of users on a leading phone operating system, Disco can set a foothold into bringing together even more Google services user rely on.

Disco also lacks many advanced features found in group applications launches at SXSWi, which I would hope are coming along even as I type this.  Google is becoming known to launch services and applications that soon flounder, while reviving others (Latitude for example) with features rather unexpectedly.

The final piece will be if the other group messaging systems step up to the plate and bring together a purpose for this deluge of same type applications.  I am yet to find it outside of quick group conversations around events.