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TheSocialNetworker Episode 21 – Social is UNsocial at #SXSW

With the persmission of Louis Gray and Drew Olanoff, here is the recording of their core conversation session at SXSw 2011.  The audio is a bit low at points due to the lack of microphones in this session.

Great commentary was made from all over the room and it was a highlight of my time there.  I took a bunch away from interaction outside of the social circles and how you may treat communication and layers of friends you make just from the online sites.

Listen close as you get excellent insight into the difference between an in person friend you move to online and an online friend you treat as in person.

P.S. Turn this one all the way up to get the best quality.

BBM Social Platform for Blackberry Messenger goes live

While down at SXSW I heard rumblings about the pending public beta launch of the BBM Social Platform.  Today the Devblog and Inside  BlackBerry (both official BlackBerry sites) made the announcement.  Developers for BlackBerry, across 35 M devices, can now add all   the rich features of BlackBerry Messenger to applications.

BBM platform APIs
Developers can use a variety of APIs to give their apps read access to BBM contact lists, user profiles and groups, while enabling users of their apps to chat and share files such as pictures, voice notes, videos and music.

You will be able to integrate with the group functions, stream data and initiate chats within your applications.  This opens more social interaction across what is a ballooning market.

RIM has been facing a battle with their AppWorld and how they are looked at entirely as enterprise focus while millions of consumers also run their devices.  I have written before about RIM’s possibility to be a major player in the free and purchased application space if they somehow found a way to market stronger and pull developers in for the devices.

This API should open a few more doors into the strength of BlackBerry Messenger.  With encrypted communication, no message length restrictions, group abilities, files transfer and audio notes it is an incredible messaging application.
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Launching new #SXSW annual event – the “Great Uninstall”

While flying back from SXSW I was drafting numerous blog posts to get my ideas down right away.  I then drifted into seeing which applications needed to still have reviews written or performed and it took me down a dark road.

While at SXSW you are inundated with fancy QR codes, people handing out flyers and all say they are the hot new app.  I am not one to not try each and every application at least once.  I like to see what they do exactly the same, different and if they will have sticking power.  I dedicate a page on Android and iOS, then a folder on BlackBerry.  What I have is a crap load of applications.

So this year I want every to participate in the Great Uninstall, with a request.  I want you to comment here all of the applications you refused to load from SXSW and what you have uninstalled.

We will make this an annual event.  A very light pseudo survey of what apps make it out of the launch grind.  I will start reviewing applications and why I kept or removed them.  I write or screencam honestly each time.  I find features I like, ones I am confused by and ones that just do not make sense.  Place some of those comments as well.

If you decide to write your own posting, just make a comment with the link back, no issue.  I am trying to find some logic into the sheer number of applications that people attempt to run and then watch as you settle back into just a few.

I am not slighting any one platform here.  I am going across each and every one with removal in my eyes.  I am weighing how useful they were onsite, here outside of SXSW and long term possibilities.  If they make the round one cut, I will perform one more in a few weeks based on if I use it again or not (after this first run) and then make final selections.

In the end I hope to remove even some older ones I never use, add some new and streamline my productivity even more with the final set.

SWSX – TheSocialGeeks live in episode 33

If you want some great commentary on the trend, what will succeed and what apps we are already throwing away, then listen to TheSocialGeeks Episode 33.

TheSocialGeeks Episode 33 was recorded live in the Austin Convention Center