Book Review: Smart Policies for Workplace Technologies

I anticipated getting my hands on the book Smart Policies for Workplace Technologies as every company now faces having inadequate guidelines and policies  surrounding new technologies being brought into the workplace.

Throughout the book, examples of case studies (with links) are given and then a sample portion of a policy that could have addressed the issue.
Then all of the policies are included on a CD inside the back cover in .rtf format to be used with any word processing format.
While I did find a few technical errors in the book (references to the way a technology functioned or a mention something didn’t exist that does), the real content is in the legal and policy documentation instead of the technical examples.

After I got past the first chapter, which seemed to repeat itself over and over in different wording, the reading took off.  The chapters broke down major areas of technology:
  • Computers and software
  • Email
  • General Internet use
  • Instant Messaging (IM)
  • Blogs and personal postings on Internet
  • Company sponsored social media
  • Cell phones
  • Portable computing devices (both company and personal)
  • Cameras and camera phones
Each chapter concludes with a “Putting it all together” section and sometimes longer samples.
The entire book does reiterate the fact that an Acknowledgement letter should be signed by employees as you implement these policies.  They include a sample letter for you as well on the CD.
The author of the book is NOLO, the first time I had seen mention.  They supply legal books, software and forms in an attempt to make it accessible for everyone.  They also have updates and a bunch of free content on their website.

I recommend this book for the samples and examples for any size company to implement their technology policies.

Disclosure: The link to Smart Policies for Workplace Technologies is an Amazon affiliate link.