Book Review: Social Media Business Equation by Eve Mayer Orsburn

The book Social Media Business Equation by Eve Mayer Orsburn had great Social Media Business Equation coverpotential. However, it did not make it for me. (Kindle edition).
As I get deeper into social media work, I often look for these types of books to review.  I received the 188 page book only to learn the last 45 pages were simply a list of 35,000 of the author’s Twitter followers.  The content was a bit light in actual defining the equation in my opinion.  There are six chapters to the book itself.

Throughout the book are case studies on different companies, including the author’s own company,  I found those to be quick and helpful bits, often more than the chapter they are included with.  She makes some basic points clear, but it seemed to stop there, at the basic.

I often grade a book on how many pages i bookmark, this one only has three pages marked.  The title section of the book hits on page 115, breaking down what the author considers the social media business equation and how to calculate your efforts.  it is helpful, I had only wised the 100+ pages before it had the same effect.
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