Twitter adds Activity tab for a bigger stream

Twitter launched a new tab in your web experience called Activity, which I imagine will make it’s way to the mobile and desktop clients, that allows you to :

“View favorites, follows, retweets and more by people you follow”

I see this as a direct comparison to the Ticker that Facebook launched and has driven many people crazy.  Here is a screenshot of the location if it has not appeared for you yet by some chance:

Twitter Activity tab

I can see value in the idea, but this makes keeping up even more overwhelming for many.  Being able to see those I follow who then follow could lead me to a new person of interest, but who has time to click and hover each time with the volume of changes going on.  Favorites are of limited value as I presume I will see the person retweet it and if it has a link, something like Flipboard will catch it.

Gina Trapani made a great suggestion while I was writing this post:

I really want to see the people my friends UNfollow in the Activity tab.

Humorously this adds value, mainly if multiple of your friends have even unfollowed this same account.  One other side note as I scrolled though the new interface was seeing exactly the types of accounts people do add.  From tv and movie stars, to wrestlers and even a few funny yet sketchy accounts does bring light to a bit more of the individual personalities across Twitter.

So are you using the feature with success?  Activity streams are a whole other post coming and the ability to filter them will be key.

  • Kathy Brown

    I’m going to make a service that pulls all Activity from all sites and call it the internet.  Oh wait.

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