Does 66% of social business really happen on mobile devices?

The statistic showing 66% of social happens on mobile devices is one of many you read in the countless reports on social media, monitoring and analytics. As I have startedarztsamui / to see it again and again like a meme, I began to think does it really? Certainly more of us are connected with mobile devices allowing us to read tweets, view (when formatted) webpages and interact with some social networks.

But does the information we need most appear with us on our mobile devices? I find that things I create, share and do are more personal in nature.  For business I may forward an email, but I am certainly not creating documents on my phone.  I hardly find a webpage business worthy on my tiny mobile browser I would bookmark or send.  I never find a location check-in that would make a difference in someones activity stream in the company.

I find myself interacting with my mobile device to find the immediate answer to a problem, like directions and finding a movie.  I sometimes hit Amazon or other sites for a targeted purchase.  So if you goal is to provide an immediate and simple web experience, I am there.  If you plan on me spending time interacting long term, I will find another site.

Mobile social is about consumer driven activity.  Being able to provide value to the mobile device in quick fashion is a key differentiator.  If I am mobile I do not have time for lengthy interaction and interfaces.  Activity streams are basically useless on mobile devices.  I can not offer the amount of attention necessary to glean any value.  Large forms and options are counter-intuitive.  Allow me to drill down when needed with filters through simple clicks.

All of this brings me full circle to the start of the posting.  Is my interaction with your service and site really social or just as a consumer?  Does social business and mobile really have a big intersection or just at points where I read email, open an attachment and look for quick information hits?