Nokia finally merges location service Plazes into Maps service with Nokia Pulse

I was a long time user of  an early pioneer location-based site Plazes dating back to July 2005.  Then in 2008 the announcement was made that the acquisition of Plazes was made by Nokia  After absorbing their 13 or so employees it still functioned but became very dormant.  I would have thought Nokia would jump on the opportunity to integrate an existing location-based service into their phones directly. Instead I watched it languish.

It seems that recent announcements points to Nokia Maps for Plazes data.  Unfortunately I cannot find a single piece of it.  Locations are muddled, past reviews and check-ins seem to be non-existent.  So I found a tiny link for their Pulse beta.

What is Nokia Pulse?

Nokia Pulse is an exciting new way to check in with the people you care about most—your family and close friends.

Nokia Pulse automatically tags the photos, updates, and links you send with your location. So every conversation, from pickups and drop-offs to meet-ups, is as instant, private, and simple as sending a text, but far more useful and engaging.

And because it’s integrated with Nokia Maps, finding people nearby, discovering new places, and getting directions is a snap.

Pulse only runs on very specific phones and a mobile web interface for the rest.  Windows Phone  7 was the first choice listed.  You must have a Nokia account to use the service so it would have been nice if they ported over my login information and history into Pulse from Plazes.  it appears they had no intent.  With almost 1200 Plazes across 12 countries I have a lot of historical data there.

Plazes service Radar also appears in Pulse showing you close locations and people based on your contact list.  Once again I have to rebuild this in the Nokia Maps world so I have lost all of that connectivity.

Attempts the last few weeks to log into Plazes to see if I can export the data in some format return a single sad screen:

We are making the service better to handle your request the way you expected. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Check back in a minute or two.

Shame on Nokia for not taking advantage of an existing user base and historical data.