Greplin becomes Cue

Back in March 2011 I did a screencast on the Greplin launch as a social search engine.  They have now started closing that down to become Cue.  Greplin was a social search engine to mine data from connected accounts.  They are carrying that data over and will still have the functionality but with the launch of their updated Cue iPhone app and web interface, they will now offer

  • Your email, contacts and calendar become an intelligent snapshot of your day.
  • Your events are automatically connected to related emails, phone numbers, and addresses.
  • Get the details you need to change or cancel reservations, check into flights, track the arrival of packages, or text friends that you are running late.
  • See up-to-date contact info alongside recent communications and the contact’s latest posts on Facebook and Twitter.

I logged into the new interface and went straight to settings.  I already had Twitter and LinkedIn hooked to the service. I did notice a premium feature ($4.99 monthly) with no links to what the heck that included or was for.  Also, one in settings I was totally stuck there with no buttons or links to get me back to the main screen which was odd.  I think the web interface is still under some work.

I will say that the search is still fast once the accounts are in sync.  I will be interested to see how the new alerts begin to function and understand data being sent through the streams.

You can get your invite to Cue right here