Google+ adds custom URLs but you already had them

The news is flying about Google+ offering custom URL’s to specific people and brands with everyone else coming later.  They are trying to corral names that should be reserved. The problem with this is that you already had this ability under Profiles.  I have owned and they started forwarding them to Google+.  I never gave out the Plus URL as it was too long with the numbers, but I wanted you to see my profile anyway.

Some questions come to mind

  • So what will Google do with all the names already reserved under Google profiles?
  • Will those be locked and carry over to Plus?
  • Can you have different ones for Plus and Profiles?
  • What if someone claims one under Plus that you have for Profiles that forwards to Plus?
  • What is the process to file a claim?
  • Who reviews it? Is there measure in place already?
  • What is the turnaround?

I would have thought that Google would not only open it to brands and names that never had a reserved name but also to those that had one in profiles such as frequent TheSocialGeeks roundtable panelist JeffIsAGeek who has a profile URL but tweeted and Plussed he didn’t get a notice today.