Tungle.Me announces closing, I cry foul at RIM

I have been a long time user of Tungle.Me and had many a great conversation with the CEO and founder of Tungle, Marc Gingras. However, on the Tungle.ME blog he announced the Tungle.Me logo clsoing of the service in full on December 3 2012.  Just a mere year and a half after the Research In Motion (RIM) acquisition of Tungle.

In April of 2011, we were acquired by Research in Motion (RIM) with the goal of bringing the Tungle vision to millions of BlackBerry customers. After our acquisition we quickly went to work and built the BlackBerry Playbook Calendar app. Now, our team is creating the native Calendar app for the next generation platform, BlackBerry 10, and together with other key RIM employees, we are driving innovation in Messaging (email), Contacts, Notes and Memos apps.

I take this to mean that RIM didn’t see the inherent value of the web service and device integration existing as one. Or they are so focused on redesigning the calendaring for BlackBerry 10 that developing Tungle.Me into a larger product was not feasible.

I am disappointed because RIM had a way to bring more users to the platform, even as non enterprise customers.  The single interface for scheduling across all your calendar systems made life extremely simple.  It would handle the emails, freetime searches and synchronization across my BlackBerry, Lotus Notes and Google calendars.

There are ical feeds that everyone talks so highly about.  But ical misses a simple to use web interface with widgets for your blog and social sites that allows scheduling of meetings.  Even knowing each other’s email address is not required as the system handled it all.  RIM has really dropped an entry into a new market area using Tungle to lure end users instead of just enterprises.

Were you a Tungle user?

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  • Roy Rumaner

    I am disappointed by this move. I have also been a Tungle user since it first came out and use it all the time. To tell us to use Babble is an insult to those that have supported them all this time.

  • http://TheSocialNetworker.com IdoNotes

    Didn’t they say Doodle?

  • Roy Rumaner

    Sorry typo – actually CRS disease – yes it was Doodle

  • norm

    I use(d) Tungle – will miss it.

  • http://TheSocialNetworker.com IdoNotes

    *sniff* many of us will

  • Manu Vermeyen

    I’ll miss it too. I checked out the doodle possibilities, and they miss some things that I used in Tungle. I hope they will pick up the ball and run with it.

  • http://TheSocialNetworker.com IdoNotes

    What was missing?

  • Rob

    Bummer. It was nice to tell prospects to check my schedule.

  • http://TheSocialNetworker.com IdoNotes

    Exactly my point. I wish they continued it at least as a side project