LinkedIn app for BlackBerry OS 7 launches and still sucks

UPDATE on Oct 25 2012: The reviews were not showing correctly and were for version 1.5 quoted below.  It seems that the article only specified the new version under the note section at the bottom of the article. I am happy to report users are liking it.  New post being completed now.

I have previously used the LinkedIn application for BlackBerry and was horribly disappointed.  With the newer devices being on the market for some time, LinkedIn finally updated their app to support BlackBerry OS 6 and 7 and still failed.  Complaints started right away and their star rating began to drop even more.

LinkedIn for BlackBerry

Courtesy of BlackBerry blogs

Can't even log in... Blocks immediately... Going to delete this app.
This sucks. Donkey balls.
Works for a while and then locks out. Then nothing resolves except resetting!
It appears that LinkedIn seems to have stopped supporting this app. It provides very basic functionality
(e.g. ability to add connections, access messages, see certain updates), but does not provide access to
many other features (e.g. Groups, endorsements). This app also runs as a background task, with no option
to turn it off. Updates that are on my desktop sometimes take hours to be reflected in the mobile app.

As you can see, people are disappointed that a business oriented device is not getting the development effort of a business oriented social network.  I have been disappointed for some time with the evolution of AppWorld and this is no surprise. I would expect the BlackBerry team to provide resources to developers at large companies to offer free apps with excellent performance and capabilities to strengthen the platform.

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  • David Schaffer

    Thanks for the warning. The older version (I’ve got 1.5 it seems) isn’t very good but at least it runs.

  • IdoNotes

    I will be updating this post with info I was emailed from  a few minutes ago