Facebook version 5.1 for iOS launches, some good & some bad

Facebook logo

Facebook has launched app version 5.1 for iOS and put some new features and fixes in including camera, Messenger and gifts.  Features include:

  • Finally a favorites list for your most recent or often used Messenger contact.  By swiping down you will see the favorites section right below the search area. You can add to this favorites section.
  • The camera features the ability to share more than one photo.  Apparently the Facebook team learned this was a much used feature from the Facebook camera app that was developed separately.
  • Gifts are now available.  I have never used this feature.  I do not know anyone that has ever sent me one and have no reason why I would want to send one from their interface.

I will say that gifts are an interesting venture as Facebook then gets a cut of the sale.  The idea is that you see it is someones birthday and want to immediately send a gift to them.  Have any of you this this feature? If so leave a comment.

As for problems that are being reported, some users are experiencing crashes and reinstalling often helps.  A few reports were made of users not being able to log in. More reports about group issues, broken newsfeeds and the worst of them all not being able to log in once logged out.

I don’t expect Facebook to sit long on issues as they had not done an update in quite a while to the mobile app, unlike previous release time spans.