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Google Keep – you keep that to yourself thanks

Google KeepThe mistake by Google accidentally showing Google Keep and now launching it has me thinking. I use Google products daily. I enjoy Google products. I have also learned that Google pulls the plug on them when they feel like it. So for this reason alone I may stay away from Google Keep.

Arstechnica wrote a piece a few weeks ago about Google Keep being in the works as an alternative to Evernote.

Google is prepping to launch a cloud-based notetaking service to compete with Evernote and Simplenote. Google Keep will present an interface that lets users create notes with checklist items, text, or images inside.

So imagine that I spend weeks, months or even a year or more saving items to Google Keep and using the cloud storage.  Suddenly, Google says this really isn’t working out to anything we want to do. You have three weeks and we pull the plug.

We have seen this pull the plug attitude with iGoogle, Punched, Google Reader, Dodgeball and even more (supposedly Feedburner will die soon). I cannot blame Google for not continuing with applications and services that show no monetary value or growth. But the idea that it gets promoted so heavily for short terms and then all the data removed with a total shutdown scares me.

Imagine if Google suddenly decides free analytics accounts are useless? Years of statistical data gone. What about they way they recently handled small business accounts for Google Apps? There is no reason they could not suddenly say pay us or we turn everything off.  Somewhere the free model should scare you.

Note: The moment I was ready to post what I wrote yesterday while flying Om Malik posted an almost identical title and article.

My Google Reader replacement choice

Google ReaderGoogle Reader has been a core tool in my consumption arsenal. Feedly and Flipboard will be replacing it as my full time solutions. RSS feeds allow me to scan, select or ignore hundreds of articles in minutes. Once you mastered the Google Reader keyboard shortcuts you could fly through hundreds of feeds. Feedly will replace that portion while Flipboard will handle social browsing.

Now that Google Reader has announced the exact ending date every system is pushing to be your chosen solution.  Here is the two RSS replacements for Google reader I have settled on. You could spend entirely too much time evaluating so many choices I cannot even take the time to list them all.

Here are the choices I made.

SxSW App Recap for 2012 – the living and dead | TheSocialNetworker Episode 40

Paul Steel and Chris Miller revisit the apps from SxSW 2012 and discussed what is still in use, what closed and what apps didn’t make the cut in daily usage.

Here is the list we run through: