My Google Reader replacement choice

Google ReaderGoogle Reader has been a core tool in my consumption arsenal. Feedly and Flipboard will be replacing it as my full time solutions. RSS feeds allow me to scan, select or ignore hundreds of articles in minutes. Once you mastered the Google Reader keyboard shortcuts you could fly through hundreds of feeds. Feedly will replace that portion while Flipboard will handle social browsing.

Now that Google Reader has announced the exact ending date every system is pushing to be your chosen solution.  Here is the two RSS replacements for Google reader I have settled on. You could spend entirely too much time evaluating so many choices I cannot even take the time to list them all.

Here are the choices I made.


My go to choice even with Google Reader in existence.  Feedly was an overlay system (and synchronization) that gave not only a magazine appearance to my feeds but allowed me to swap back to list mode.  List mode was for massive consumption and catch up time.  Magazine mode is for browsing and finding striking images and titles that catch your eye.

Feedly does offer mobile solutions for iOS, Kindle and Android.  I have it on my iPad. I have the extensions in my Chrome browser.  I am a user of Feedly as alternative to Google Reader for years now.  I test new versions, I beat them up publicly and they respond.  That gets my loyalty when you add it up.

Feedly interface

With views that include mosaic, titles, magazine, cards and full articles there is something for everyone.  Browser extensions just make it work smoothly.  Synchronization in the cloud keep you up to date.  Yes, Feedly is a must have and I have been saying it for years.


My chosen smartphone solution.  With a beautiful interface it quickly allows me to see my social streams and some limited RSS I have included.

The interface for Flipboard on the touch devices make it feel like naturally turning pages of a book or magazine. You can dig into a specific social feed, category or account. On the fly it draws the linked images out building that magazine look and putting text only entries into little boxes.

Flipboard interface

Flipboard works on iOS and Android.  Both update regularly and add new features.  I personally know they test new releases first being part of many of these test on Android.  Synchronization to the cloud keeps multiple installs in sync.


Both Feedly and Flipboard  blogged they will allow you to import your Google reader feeds and basically migrate entirely to their solution. ( Zite announced they built an alternative in six hours.) You will be able to add new feeds and continue life.  However both look for you to be connected to the Internet for the best experience.  Some local RSS readers have offline modes for when you are in the air or somewhere with no Internet access.

While there are other solutions to the closing of Google reader, including local readers and tons of apps and websites.  But Feedly and Flipboard won this competition I held. I like my RSS feeds in Feedly and social in Flipboard.  One tool isn’t necessary when they provide different functions for me.

What service will you be using? Do you even read RSS feeds?

  • Stephen G Hood

    Agree. Feedly is quite nice both visually and functionally. And it’s nice and responsive. Started playing with it a few weeks ago when it was becoming clearer reader was on the chopping block but then went back to reader out of habit more than anything.

    One thing I would like is a global switch for changing layouts rather than per feed only.

  • IdoNotes

    Stephen glad you like it. I have the same layout when reading feeds by choosing in the left menu. Or do you want each feed to have is own stored layout? Like one list, one magazine, etc? Interesting idea. Tweet them and see what they say.

  • Stephen G Hood

    I wanted them all reset to the Title layout for quick scanning instead of the magazine/card style default. It’s actually there in the preferences options – I just missed it I guess. The Title option in the layout drop down on each page looks like it is called Condensed under the global preference setting.

  • IdoNotes

    Excellent news. Hidden options strike again.