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Twhirl – a Twitter client I miss second most

Twhirl was my second favorite Twitter clients of all time. From the way it handled multi-account Twitter management, to hovering over the side of my screen, I miss you Twhirl. After they were bought and merged and relaunched as the new Seesmic Desktop, it never felt or acted the same.

twhirl multi accounts

Yes, it was an Adobe Air application giving it multi-platform support. It was one of the first to handle it well. It was one of the first to easily let you flip between personas in Twitter and react, answer and respond individually with ease. I could run them as individual windows (like columns but cooler) or let them float with transparency.

twhirl themes colors

Skins were possible for some minor color schemes to blend it in.  With over 10 themes loaded with the default client, you could find one that either blinded you or made you feel like you were in a seashore diner back in the 1980’s.

We originally viewed it in 2008 on and it became my everyday client for over a year. Automatic updates were easily applied or manually allowed using the Air platform. Humorously it still tries to get that last update I never applied but cannot reach the Twhirl servers.  The website still runs with a ton of xml errors.  The client still launches but any attempt to log in is greeted with an Authentication status “Basic authentication is not supported” since it did not use oAuth.

The funniest part is the FriendFeed part still functions. Yes that darn thing that Facebook bought and tried to bury is still alive and kicking.

I wonder if Loic and the team had a few cycles to change it to oAuth and get it working again.