Chromecast device sale scams surface

Chromecast from Google launched this week with a short amount of supply available. Even Google Play ran out of stock.  However, sellers are appearing on Amazon at 2-3 times the regular price.

Google Chromecast on Amazon

From the image (click to enlarge) you can see pricing on Amazon upwards of $119 plus shipping and new sellers popping up trying to get a piece of the early action.  Sellers are not showing any delay in shipping of the Chromecast, yet even Google is saying weeks to get it in your hands.  Bust Buy does not have it on the shelves.

The Google Chromecast offers some ease of streaming as we discussed on Yet Another Tech Show last night, but many die hard geeks with Apple TV and Roku that were on the show did not see the value.  I found one immediate value in the Google Chromecast. Too many times I find myself wanting to watch a show from Hulu that is only available via the web and not in their application ability via Roku, XBox or Apple TV.

The Chromecast device would allow me to bring that show up in Google Chrome and stream to the Chromecast device with ease. This solves one major problem with codecs, sizing and more of videos on your network.  If it can be played on a device it will just work.

But back to the Amazon problem of sellers charging far more than suggested retail.  I do not believe that they should be allowed to do so, even in a free an open market scenario.  Some of the new sellers are obviously trying to take advantage of buyers that want to get one as fast as they can.

What do you think? Would you pay this much just to possibly get it sooner and take the chance of being scammed?

  • raybilyk

    No, I’ll wait until I can buy it from Best Buy or Google…
    That being said, I’m excited for the Google Chromecast!

  • Bilal Jaffery

    I don’t even think they have it in hand. They are just hoping that they pre-orders get fulfilled fast.

  • IdoNotes

    I would agree but the buyers are falling for it. Strange how Amazon let the pop up like that