How to return Google Chromecast to Google Play

Return Google Chromecast

With the launch of Google Chromecast I was asked how do you return it back to Google Play if that is where you bought it? Here are the steps you need to know.  Remember do not throw anything away until you are sure you will be keeping the Chromecast device.  From there it is about contacting Google for shipping instructions.

**This is only to return Chromecast to Google Play.  Best Buy and others will have their own return policies.

  • Keep the original packaging when you get the Google Chromecast device
  • You only have 15 days from the time Google shows it was delivered to you to initiate the return procedure
  • Contact Google and get a RMA (return Merchandise Authorization). Without it do not send back the Chromecast device, you just wasted time and shipping
  • Any accessories must be included (read this as the Chromecast and power adapter)
  • Put the RMA form from your email inside the package and use their label on the outside of the box. It has the required tracking info.  Do not try to make your own
  • You will get a refund into your Google Wallet account the costs minus shipping and handling fees
  • There could be a restocking fee as well, they aren’t clear on this part
  • It is only $35 so shipping insurance is up to you.  But until they say received it is considered your problem

So why would someone return or keep the Google Chromecast device? That will be in the review coming shortly.

  • Giulio Campobassi

    Given that you’re discussing the product return options, is this reflective of public sentiment about Chromecast ?

  • James Sarino

    I don’t think so, given the demand for this product now, and I as well as many people out there, are still waiting on their Chromecast to arrive. 🙂

  • Chris Miller

    Yes most people are finding usage from it. A point of interest from a non-official survey I did with friends. Those loving it do not have Roku or AppleTV. Is this the missing gap?

  • IdoNotes

    Humorously, in a very non-official friend survey I did, those loving it and buying in are friends without a Roku or AppleTV already. This is filling a gap for sure.

  • Betty Adee Nanstad

    My chromecast can not be used on my TV as my router comes from my IP and they informed me they will not make the changes so the chromecast can be installed because it will open my Internet to Hackers. Doing google searches I haven’t found any others with this problem. Called a number for chromecast got no where he said he was for only the computer ( I could hardly understand or hear him) and I said us there a number I can call in the Untited States for help he said 1 608 963 4836 I then repeated the number to him. Called the number from my US Cellular cell phone got a message I could’t call that number from my phone. HELP finding a number to get help or to help me send this back if it can be.
    Thanks Inadvance
    Sorry Chromecast Lady

  • digitalsan

    Your ISP is lying to you. You are not opening the network up to ‘hackers’.

    I love the bullshit lines the low lives they hire for technical support repeat.

    What ISP do you have, I’m guess ATT or Verizon?

  • Betty Adee Nanstad

    I have Marquette adams telephone co. I get a bundle deal with the TV , Telephone which we don’t use
    and I ask how much would we save if we dropped it and she told me we can’t drop it which is a dead payment of $25 a month part of the bundle .We also get the Internet so we get all from them.
    Thanks for responding to my nate.