Branding and Marketing Using Video

Branding and marketing is not just a logo anymore. Video introduces your company and puts a voice and even a face to the name. This presentation introduces you starting out using video for branding and marketing.

I talked live about how everyone recognizes logos but video moves away from that and gives a replayable event. The days of the 30 second elevator pitch are now put in front of the public without giving you the feedback you get from a real world handshake., You have to trust analytics to help find your impoact and direct you for future video updates.
Every company, brand or individual should look at an introduction video and learning to find their voice that makes them unique and keeps the viewer engaged.  Action items somewhere during the video is a must instead of having them walk away as soon as they click pause or close the page.
Video design encompasses not only the set and background but the introduction text and splash information. Do not make such a fixed script for your messages that  the person feels they are being read to.  The impact should be that of a conversation.  You either are passive and talk with them or aggressive and talk to them.
Equipment plays a key role in making decent videos and it can be done without breaking the budget.  I have prepared a living list of videocasting equipment I personally use so I can answer questions on any of them and how I interact with them in the production of my videos.
Be prepared to produce videos with frequency and vary the length. Show off your strengths with how-to videos or instructional pieces.  But always be yourself.
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