Findables FlexStand iPhone 5 case review from Findables.Me

Findables.Me FlexStand for iPhone 5

The Findables FlexStand iPhone 5 case was sent over from Findables.Me.  You may wonder why am I running a phone case review here? Well it is a socially enabled case using a QR code. I loved the idea of this case and generally enjoyed the functionality, but I did find a few issues.  Watch the video or read some of my notes below.

Findables cases, from Findables,Me, have a small QR code on the corner of the case, that when scanned, will present the person with a social profile that you establish. As the case owner you control which profile is being at shown at that time for sharing.  There are three social profile modes available:

  • Business – when in business meeting you can share your business social accounts, email, phone and more
  • Social – supposedly when out with friends (let’s just say not work time) then you share your personal social information
  • Lost – this mode will show contact information you set up to get your device back

Findables has an application for iOS and Android. There is not an application for Android tablet and you must search for the iOS app as iPhone only it seemed.  Even though they make iPad and iPad mini tablet cases.

You do not need the application to scan the QR code on the back of a Findables.Me case owner. I tested numerous barcode scanners on Android and even BlackBerry and all pulled up the QR code URL.

As the case owner you scan your own case with the application, register a new account (or add a case for existing users) and configure your profiles. You can upload pictures and link social accounts.  One issue I had is that Findables asks for access to my social accounts.  I can think of no reason why.  The idea is for you to share contact information with others so they can connect.  Why you would allow them access to your Instagram, Facebook timeline or Twitter made no sense to me,

In the video I did make note that the QR code on the back had no notice or mention of what to do with the code.  I later learned after seeing some of the iPhone 5 case reviews that were not the FlexStand, the cases had writing near the code that said “scan to find me” which makes perfect sense.

Also, the built in QR code scanner was very quick if you could figure out the UI mistake they made.  The QR reader has a white dotted square where you would normally like up the edges of the code to be scanned. It works that was in every other QR code scanner I could find. But in Findables you must only put the QR code in the very faint fingerprint overlay inside the square.  It just didn’t make UI sense to me at all.

Otherwise the case itself was sturdy, worked well for viewing the phone at angles and slid on and off with ease.  Be careful of screen protectors when sliding the case on and off so you do not pop and edge up.

You can get your hands on the case at http://Findables,Me and see all their tablet cases for Findables right here on Amazon.