Instagram Messaging- using Facebook Messenger?

instagram logo

With the Instagram messaging service that sites are predicting, I personally predict Facebook Messenger will play a part in it. It only makes sense that Instagram leverage the existing integrated messaging platform.

I did some digging into the theories that Instagram will use email based alerts or notifications and messaging as an option. I even did a test sending Kevin ( a founder of Instagram ) an email through that system. All of this is publicly available so don’t get up in arms.

Instagram email messaging test

It only makes sense that you can deliver to the CEO but what about a user? That was the next test to myself. I did the same test as above but inserted my name on Instagram and hoped for a denial notice saying the username is not found. See what I found below

Instagram self message test

I am still waiting to see if that email ever shows up. Hopefully it does not and this whole email based notifications and messaging are a horridly bad dream. With over 150 million users, Instagram boasts an in app experience from start to finish.  The web viewing is simply an added bonus and will blend into Facebook soon enough.

I have already predicted multiple ways that Instagram will soon leverage and link your Facebook accounts tighter, even making a protected album for you inside of Facebook for your photos. Yes, it can do that now but I am talking forced and full storage. This allows Facebook to add facial recognition to enhance tagging and build up their dominance in this space even further.

With leveraging Facebook as the messaging platform, they almost force you into linking the account together. It reduces infrastructure and more closely aligns the two platforms.

This will also kill off the third party Instagram apps that allow messaging based on your Instagram user id and allowed access to your friends list. Instatalks and others will soon vanish. This is much like what Twitter did killing off third party apps in a diligent matter.

Let me know what you think about Instagram launching it’s own native messaging systems or using email as a platform in the comments.