Would you hand over 30,000 Instagram followers for free?

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How much are 30,000 real Instragram followers worth? Apparently free to young artist Luz, courtesy for SuicideGirl Carrina Vargas.  With everyone putting a dollar value on the number of social media followers across the networks, you see brands and people try to build followers and sell or leverage them to sell advertising.  No one just hands the account over freely do they?

Well I watched Noelle (formerly @carrinavargas on Instagram and now do just that. She made one final post as she started a new account and said goodbye to her fans.

Carrina Vargas goodbye

So what happened to the followers that had taken the time to click that blue follow button on Instagram turning it green when Noelle happily turned her account over to the young aspiring artist named Luz?


Luz (who made the name now @youremynirvana) has had numerous confused comments, some rude ones asking who the hell she was, some asking where the boobs and ass were that SuicideGril Carrina used to post, and some even claiming she hijacked their feed.  Amazingly she hasn’t really lost a follower.  She has now expanded her art reach to 30k new people rather quickly with numerous people cheering her on and admiring her work.

Why do I think this was successful for Luz? It came from a personal recommendation of Noelle. When a friend (even virtual) introduces you to someone else there is inherent trust. Accounts that constantly say go follow others are doing it just to grow networks.  But when someone with a decently high follower count that never recommends others says to stick with it, you may just give it a try.

So the site went from shots like this with over 2000 likes…

to shots like this..

While the number of likes has dropped with the new work being posted, the comments and confusion are slowly dying down. A young artist has a chance because of the kindness of someone else. Many social media experts think Noelle is a bit crazy for just handing that account over and not making any money on it. Well in a few short days Noelle has accumulated back more than most every one of you have in terms of followers. And now she can be herself and not Carrina Vargas, SuicideGirl.

Drop your thoughts below.  I think she made a great decision.  Now if she can hand me over some followers  🙂   Oh Yeah! that’s right.  @IdoNotes on Instagram