How to revoke and block third-party Instagram app access to your account

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How do you revoke and block third-party app access to your Instagram account? Here are the steps required. Instagram has numerous third-party applications that people are allowing access to their account by loading them on their devices and via the web.

Everytime you add another application, it prompts you to log in using your Instagram username and password via their authentication API. By doing this, you are then giving certain rights to that application.  Some rights you may give are:

  • Access your basic information (Includes photos, friend lists & profile info)
  • Like photos
  • Comment on photos
  • Follow/Unfollow other users

Keep in mind some of these apps only do the above with your express permission, while others may do it automatically.  You have to pay special attention to what permissions the third-party app is looking for. To start checking what apps have what access and to revoke third-party access you need to access your Instagram account via the web.

Instagram login box

Once logged in, click on your image and name in the upper right and select Edit Profile. You will then get a list of options on the left side that allow everything from changing your password, editing your profile and managing applications.  That is where we are headed.

Instagram menu

Inside of Manage Applications for your Instagram account is where it gets interesting.  You may never have authorized any applications at all or you may have a long list.  Such apps that repost images easily, allow you to put text on pictures, grab videos, Klout scores, WordPress plugins for Instagram or even instant messaging for Instagram.  Here is an example screenshot of what you can expect to see

Instagram manage applications

As you can see there is plenty of options that come with simply authorizing a third-party application to your Instgram account.  To remove anything that is unknown or ones that may pose a security risk, just click the Revoke Access button found on the top right of each third-party Instagram application.  Keep in mind this may force you to authenticate if you are still using that app and allow it access again.

  • Syeda Naila irshad

    When I clicked on the revoke access button I clicked yes. Now the apps wont have any access to my personal things right?

  • Boris Lively

    There’s another interesting stat: 59% of buseness users use third-party applications for account management, 34% are concerned about their follower/following ratio, 19% use bot-like features to get rid of followings, 72% are concerned about their security.