Ferris – a video app for living stories from SxSW 2014

Ferris was at the SxSW 2014 Accelerator showing off their living story video app. We look at use cases and how it works. It is just in beta now.

The Ferris idea is based around multiple people recording at the same time and geographic location.

Ferris is a stunning mobile video app for creating and contributing to living stories. Ferris joins together relevant mobile video clips based on location, time, topic and category to create a fluid, evolving and interactive stream of relevant content.

Once a video is posted to Ferris, it self-updates, joining any number of streams based on user, location, date and time, hashtag and category. Each person’s video is automatically woven into a single, united narrative for the most unique view of the world around them.

I like the fact that it does the work for you and that videos from anyone can be blended. I hope they bring some added enhancements such as restricting who can add to it and personal blends.

We do not like the name they chose however. A simple search in the iTunes Store and Google Play for Ferris gives so many results you will have a hard time finding it.

Can you see yourself wanting a collected and aggregated video from a concert or event? How about a birthday party? It has promise for some usage cases